With our co-creation program
we personalize and develop
open innovation projects in:

¿Why partner with BioingredTech in
open innovation projects?
Institutional and scientific support as Spin-off of the University of Antioquia
Our Co-Creation Program
Technological development
We are based on an open and circular innovation model
Our human talent is the key
Custom made
Cosmetic Ingredients
Multiple opportunities to develop ingredients based on Colombian species of tropical, Andean, Amazonian and Chocoan origin.
We develop ingredients in different presentations
  • Functional Blends
  • BioEmulsions
  • BioSuspensions
  • Powders
  • Encapsulated Ingredients
  • Nano Structured Ingredients
We promote the creation of ingredients from sustainable sources, agro-industrial waste, based on concepts of green chemistry, circular economy and fair treatment of communities.

Custom made
Food Ingredients
100% natural extracts obtained from BOTANICAL AND AROMATIC fruits and species.
Our presentations:
  • Botanical Extracts: Hydroalcoholic ingredients ideal for providing natural flavors and smells to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, functional drinks, beers, mixers, among others.
  • BioEmulsions: ialcohol-free ingredient, emulsion type for beverages, confectionery, ice cream and dairy products
  • Blends: mixtures of species and fruits obtained under a BioEmulsion®️ concept or botanical extract
  • Oleoresins: semisolid, fatty extract highly concentrated in aromatic and functional compounds.

Fortified blends

We fortify tisanes, powders and vegetable flours with our active ingredients and functional extracts to provide unique flavors, textures and nutritional and functional properties with balanced and innovative blends.

Blends applications
  • Hot and cold infusions
  • Shakes
  • Dietary supplements
  • Confectionery and snacks
  • Personalized nutritions
Custom made
Cannabis Ingredients
With our Bioemulsion® technology, we develop the CBD and CBG nano emulsion that best suits your needs

Customize the aqueous phase

Select natural content.

Select other assets and / or natural extracts that strengthen the desired functionality.

PCustomize the oil phase

Select the oil:
Select the concentration of CBD and/or CBG:
  (2 - 10%)
Tell us what cannabis ingredients you are looking for
Custom made
Cosmetic Formulas
With our formulation laboratory we develop unique formulas with textures and functionalities based on the following concepts:
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Vegan cosmetics
  • Organic cosmetics
  • Natural dermocosmetics
  • Colombian cosmetics

Our route for the development of new cosmetic formulas

Step 1

Product Planning

This is the initial approach, where we will work together to transform the idea into an initial design and development proposal.

Deliverable: Brief of requirements of your cosmetic product.

Step 2

Formula development

For this phase, the raw materials and natural ingredients that will fulfill the cosmetic promise of your product and the production of the prototypes to validate will be selected.

Deliverable: Final formulation and test batch

Step 3

Product registration

Once the final formulation has been selected, we will accompany you in the management of the stability tests and the specifications necessary to process the sanitary registration.

Deliverable: Product dossier for registration with INVIMA

Step 4

Product scaling

We accompany the person in charge of production in the realization of the first batch of the product.

Deliverable: First batch of product released

Other Services
Desarrollo de pulpas y pastas

Innovate combining the best fruit and vegetable mixes

Un texto va aqui

Applicable for the grinding of fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, granules among others.

Un texto va aqui

Applicable for the development of flavorings, natural extracts, fruit pulps, fruit and vegetable mixtures, among others.

Un texto va aqui

Increase the efficiency of extraction processes by applying disruptive techniques.

Un texto va aqui

Promote the differentiation and innovation of your products with high-value technological developments.

Un texto va aqui

Applicable for the drying of fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, granules among others.

Design and Development: