Biodiversity with innovation

Bioingred Tech is a Colombian spin-off that was born from the alliance between GISB Research Group of Universidad de Antioquia and the Tech Innovation Group as a competitive proposal to promote and dynamize the Colombian natural ingredients market worldwide through generation of disruptive technologies and innovative processes.

We are passionate about valuing Colombian biodiversity through science, technology and innovation, the productive chain and the University-Company articulation.
We develop innovative technologies for the processing of natural species of our biodiversity and we promote the co-creation of high impact products with the different links in the chain
We offer natural ingredients of Colombian origin, with high added value that allow us to promote the differentiation and innovation of our clients.
  1. Research as origin
    Product of a 15-year research on Colombian madroño at the University of Antioquia, Bioingred Tech was founded through transfer projects.
  2. The alliance is born
    An alliance between the University of Antioquia and the TIG group as investors in the project was created.
  3. Our first production plant
    It was inaugurated in Itagui, Antioquia.
  4. Our first technologies and ingredients
    We developed BioEmulsion® and launched our first ingredients on the market.
  5. We are the 5th Spin-off of the UdeA
    Thanks to our circular innovation program with the UdeA, we were recognized as a Spin-off. What a pride!
  6. Co-Creation program consolidation
    Innovation does not stop and our program is consolidated in Colombia. Open innovation projects are signed with multi-Latin corporations.
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